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Complete List of Accredited Online Bible Colleges and Universities

The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) is the national accrediting agency that regulates post-secondary Bible studies programs to ensure their adherence to minimum quality standards and guidelines.

The ABHE provides institution and program accreditation for certificate, associate, bachelor, master and doctorate in Bible studies programs. Program concentrations in this discipline include theology, counseling and divinity as well as doctoral programs in philosophy and ministry. Read More

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While most states do not require pastoral counselors and other religious clergy to obtain licensure, students who are pursuing a degree in biblical studies can be certain that an ABHE-accredited online Bible college program has met the following essential criteria:

  • Governance: An ABHE-accredited online Bible college program is required to be located in an institution with an external governing board staffed by at least five members who are authorized to carry out the institution’s mission.
  • Catalog: The ABHE requires accredited online Bible college programs to have an accurate and up-to-date catalog that provides students with information on the program’s mission, degree-completion requirements, full-and part-time faculty rosters, faculty degrees, fee schedules and graduation rates as well as other information that will inform a student’s decision to enroll.
  • Learning Resources: The ABHE ensures that the best accredited online Bible studies degree programs offer appropriate support services to students throughout their programs, which may include access to computer labs, libraries and academic advising.
  • Faculty Qualifications: Eligible programs must employ at least one skilled and experienced faculty member for each discipline offered by the institution.
  • Public Disclosure: The accredited online Bible studies school that offers the program must sign a written statement acknowledging the ABHE’s authority to provide the public with information on the program’s accreditation status.

A number of the 26 institutionally accredited online Bible studies university programs currently available have also received program accreditation from ABHE. These accredited online programs are available at the ABHE directory.


Students can choose from accredited online Bible college courses in the following areas:

  1. Theology: This largely academic area focuses on theological research and writing. Students will engage in coursework on the history of religion and critical interpretation of the Bible, and may also study classical biblical languages such as Greek and Hebrew.
  2. Biblical Counseling: Biblical counseling teaches students to apply teachings from the Bible as they counsel members of their congregations through personal struggles. Students will take college classes in psychology and human behavior, in addition to courses on counseling and interpreting scripture.
  3. Divinity: Studying divinity allows students to hone the skills necessary to develop as leaders within their church community. Students will take courses on the Old Testament and New Testament, but will also engage in practical courses such as sermon writing and preaching, building a church culture and evangelism.

Students attending top accredited online Bible schools will also develop the following skills:

  • Active Listening: Students will learn successful communication skills to effectively connect with a congregation, including the ability to listen without judgment or unnecessary interruption.
  • Research: Students will systematically investigate and analyze religious texts and other resources to support and inform their writings and oral arguments.
  • Critical Thinking: Students will exercise logic and reasoning skills as they engage in religious and philosophical debate with faculty and peers and draw meaningful conclusions about the nature of God and religion.


Students graduating from accredited online Bible studies universities will be eligible to pursue careers as religious clergy, the primary occupations associated with a degree in biblical studies. To pursue a successful career as a pastor, minister or other clergyman, undergraduate degrees are usually sufficient.

Students who have earned an online associate’s degree in Bible studies may pursue careers in social services, or provide their services in support of religious missions. Likewise, students graduating with an online bachelor’s degree in Bible studies will likely find opportunities as missionaries, workshop coordinators and youth leaders. Students graduating from a program accredited by the ABHE may have a career advantage over other job applicants due to the organization’s recognized commitment to quality assurance in Bible studies programs.