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Complete List of Accredited Online Engineering Colleges and Universities

The most respected accrediting associations for engineering programs is the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), which is among the oldest professional organizations for engineers. Read More

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ABET accredits post-secondary engineering programs in engineering and engineering technology, applied science and computing. In order to become a professional engineer in any field, one prerequisite is to graduate from an ABET-accredited program.

ABET considers accreditation based on the evaluation of four key areas.

  • Eligibility: ABET reviews whether the university has been accredited regionally in the U.S., student progress is sufficiently evaluated over the course of three years and students are properly trained and advised with regard to the curriculum and career matters.
  • Proper Facilities and Faculty: ABET evaluates whether the institution has the appropriate amount of facilities, equipment and faculty to adequately educate students in the engineering program.
  • Curriculum: ABET questions whether the program’s curriculum dedicates an appropriate amount of instruction to specific areas that apply to engineering.
  • Public Disclosure: ABET requires the program to have published educational objectives that are consistent with the purpose of the institution and have been documented as an effective process.

While there are a great deal of institutionally accredited online universities that offer programs in engineering, only five schools offer an ABET accredited engineering program in a completely online format.


In studying at one of the top online engineering schools, students are obligated to take accredited online engineering classes in physics, engineering mathematics and computer engineering:

  1. Physics: Students study matter, its motion through space and time, energy and force while forming a deep understanding of both classical and modern physics and their core theories.
  2. Engineering Mathematics: Accredited online engineering college students examine many different types of complex mathematics including calculus, linear algebra, statistics, trigonometry and matrices.
  3. Computer Engineering: Students attending the best accredited online engineering universities will have a chance to learn how to use computer software to simulate engineering projects.

Moreover, the top accredited online engineering courses help students acquire the following skills:

  • Problem Solving: Students in the best accredited online engineering schools discover how to solve difficult problems in construction and design by using mathematical formulas and experimentation.
  • Research: Students in an accredited online engineering university learn different methods of analyzing and gathering information to devise a system, component or process that meets the desired outcome.
  • Critical Thinking: While studying at an accredited online engineering school, students learn how to apply abstract theories to concrete problems, such as by implementing engineering principles in a construction project.


Students who earn their degree from an ABET accredited online engineering program have the opportunity to pursue a variety of different professions. Those seeking a career as a civil engineer can begin working as soon as they obtain their online bachelors degree in engineering. A civil engineer’s main task is to manage and direct the operation of a construction project while providing technical support regarding the design and structure. The majority of civil engineering jobs require that you earn your degree from an ABET accredited program.

Students who have a master’s degree in engineering can enter more specific positions in the field, such as a biochemical engineer. An online doctoral degree in engineering grants students access to the most advanced careers, including in biomedical engineering, which requires extensive additional knowledge of biology and chemistry. Meanwhile, students with an online associates degree in engineering can pursue a career path in computer systems and computer engineering, where they generally develop software and computer electronics.