2018 Directory of Online Colleges and Universities in Mississippi

Mississippi has more than 58 post-secondary institutions, of which 13 offer online programs. Of these accredited online colleges, six are public four-year colleges or universities and one is public community or technical college and six are private colleges, universities, or career and vocational schools. These schools offer 124 online certificate programs, 2,334 online associates programs, 1,782 online bachelors programs, 1,007 online masters programs, 1,266 online professional programs, and 259 online doctoral programs. These programs offer students courses in subjects such as medical billing, school psychology, and electrical engineering.

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Of the online colleges in Mississippi, the one with the greatest number of programs online is Mississippi State University, which is a 4-year research university. It offers 105 online programs.

Job Outlook

The state has a total workforce of approximately 1,070,820 employees. In the state, the three largest industries are:

  • Administration: 6 percent
  • Information: 2 percent
  • Manufacturing: 13 percent


Depending on factors such as the type and location of the institution as well as the program, tuition for online college courses may vary. On average, public four-year colleges and universities in Mississippi charge students approximately $5,297 per year. On average, tuition at public community and technical colleges was $2,220 per year. Private accredited online college tuition ranged from $12,900 to $17,748 per year.

To offset tuition costs, Mississippi college students received an estimated $8,724,768,208 worth of financial aid each year. Approximately 25 percent of this aid was in the form of scholarships and grants. The remainder was in the form of loans that had to be paid back. About 89. percent of the scholarships and grants were in institutional grants.


The average wage in Mississippi is less than the national average. The national average annual income is $42,871, while employees in Mississippi earn an average annual income of $33,930. The highest paid workers in the state earn over $59,140 annually, while the lowest paid workers earn under $16,310 annually. The median annual income for employees is roughly $26,680.

The largest accrediting body in Mississippi is the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Accredited brick-and-mortar schools and accredited online universities in Mississippi must be approved by SACSCOC before their degrees are considered bona fide. Before enrolling in any online degree programs in Mississippi, check the school’s accreditation.

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Distance Learning Resources

  • Mississippi Public University System is a one-stop resource for information on the state’s eight public universities, including enrollment and admissions statistics.
  • Mississippi Department of Employment Security is a state run job search website. Browse work opportunities, post a resume, learn about state employment efforts, and find training programs throughout the state.
  • Mississippi Digital Library is a collaborative digital project from Mississippi’s libraries. Access a wealth of primary sources, periodicals, references, and digital materials for your research papers and projects.
  • Mississippi Employment Statistics is an updated, numerical breakdown of the employment climate in Mississippi. When deciding which degree path to choose, look for growing industries with this site.
  • Think Higher Career Planning is a website providing self-assessment tools and breakdowns of viable strategies when considering higher education and/or entering the job market.

More Information

Named from the Ojibwe word “misi-ziibi” meaning “Father of Waters”, Mississippi is located in the Southern region of the United States. The state, which has an area of 48,432 square miles, is the 20th smallest in the country. Approximately 64°F is Mississippi’s average annual temperature.

Of the states in the country, Mississippi has the 21st smallest population. It has an estimated population of 2,967,297 residents living in its 82 counties. An estimated 42 percent of those living in Mississippi are less than 30 years old. Also, it has one of the most diverse populations in the nation with about 42 percent of the population identifying itself as belonging to a racial or ethnic minority group.

Mississippi’s capital city, Jackson, is the largest city in the state. It has a population of 173,514 residents. Of the state’s residents, about 17.1% reside in the greater Jackson area. Mississippi’s other big cities are Gulfport, Southaven, Hattiesburg, and Biloxi.

Mississippi residents generally have an average level of education as compared to those around the nation. According to the 2010 Census, a reported 19.7 percent of the state’s residents over the age of 25 have completed high school, 3.9 percent have at least an associates degree, 2.6 percent have degrees at the bachelor’s level or higher, and 1 percent hold a graduate level degree.