Disclosure Guide

The AccreditedOnlineColleges.org team appreciates your visit to this site. All the guides, degree subject analysis, and career information took many hours to research and publish.

To help fund the creation of this site, AccreditedOnlineColleges.org has relationships with certain schools who wish to sponsor this site in return for allowing their programs to be actively promoted across our website.

We promote these sponsored programs by allowing interested visitors to search for them. When they complete a sponsored search using one of our widgets (Find a Sponsored School) they can sign up for more information. Whenever a visitor completes a form from a sponsored school, we’ll receive an affiliate commission.

More clarification on our relationship with sponsored schools:

  • The only time we receive affiliate commission is when a visitor is directly referred to a form from our site and if they complete the entire form. If you accidentally land on a form from a sponsored school, you can simply leave, and we do not receive any commission.
  • The forms look like this: Sample of George Washington University Lead Form  (Note: If you do fill this out, we’ll receive commission, so please don’t fill it out unless you want information from the school – it’s just a sample we wanted to show you)
  • Whenever we use a sponsored school search, we make it very clear it will take you to a sponsored school’s information page. If you see something on AccreditedOnlineColleges.org and are not entirely sure if it’s sponsored or not, please contact us and we will happily clarify the situation for you.
  • We do not receive any information you write on the form. That is private between you and the sponsored school. If you have questions about privacy, please read each sponsored school’s individual disclosure policy.

Here are some more examples of sponsored schools we’re affiliated with that may show up around our site:

*These are not sponsored links. They are regular links to the school’s homepage.