Where can I get more information about accreditation?

College Navigator is one helpful resource for finding out a school’s accreditation information, such as who it is accredited by and when it received its accreditation. Other resources about accreditation include the Department of Education’s informative article about accreditation in the United States, its history, a list of recognized accrediting agencies, and what involvement in federal programs entails. Additionally, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation has videos and articles explaining the value of accreditation, summaries of recognition decisions, and a database containing the names of the accrediting agencies recognized by CHEA, as well as the names of accredited institutions. Finally, if you are interested in a particular institution or program accreditation, the school’s website should contain information about whether it is accredited or being reviewed for accreditation. If not, it is best to contact the school with any accreditation questions you may have.